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TTLMS Turbo is the mobile e-learning solution for organizations that want to distribute training and resources in a mobile format to learners with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It brings together the powerful course development, assignment, and reporting capabilities of TestTrack Learning Management System (TTLMS) with the mobile file management, tracking, and authentication tools of the SiteClone engine. Access to a TTLMS.COM account is required.

TTLMS Turbo turns your device into a mobile training station, with courses and resources playable in a disconnected state. Progress and test scores are stored locally, which are then returned to TTLMS the next time you connect.

Learners use the same login and password they would from their desktop computer, and can verify their devices have the latest up-to-date training and resources by clicking a single button.

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For more information on the SiteClone engine or for a custom version for your organization, visit the support link below.